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ExpressLink Carrier dedicated to providing personalized delivery solutions for all cargo movements. We are quickly forging a reputation for excellence. With expert knowledge and a truly global network of contacts developed from over years in the industry. ExpressLink Carrier expertise spans the following areas of cargo field of Endeavour:


Pick-up and delivery from your warehouse or factory to the final point at destination.


We represent our clients on International Cargo Shipping Directory in the area of Cargo and other related activities.


Due to our professional, multilingual capability, we are committed to providing you with creative solutions, with the best possible value for money. And they'll keep you informed every step of the way…. 24/7, 365 days a year.


We deal in Cargo shipping containers that are specially designed to help control the costs of packaging and transportation for you, and to improve security for all of us. Learn about which containers are compatible with our aircraft, the sizes of our cargo bins, and all of the available types and sizes of our containers.


We also provides direct cargo services to over 150 countries worldwide destinations and has sales representation in over 250 countries world wide.


Speedlink logistics is a multimodal cargo transportation and logistics provider offering comprehensive global transportation solutions via air, land and sea.